NEWS: 5-21-24

Timberstone Ladies

The “Ladies Get-together” will take place every month, on the 3rd Thursday. The next time to meet will be Thursday, June 20th. Come join us.  It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors or meet new ones.

WHEN: The 3rd Thursday of each month
WHERE: Bristol Street Martin’s Deli
TIME: 2:00pm

ALL of the ladies in the Timberstone Community are invited. You can pick up a latte, or any beverage/snack right there at Martin’s and join us at 2:00pm. If you have a neighbor who doesn’t receive email, please let them know or invite them to come with you.

NEWS: 4-24-24

April 30, 2024 -Annual Member Assessment Due
June 6-8, 2024 -Spring Garage Sale
July 13, 2024 -Golf Cart Parade
July 14, 2024 -Rain date for Golf Cart Parade
September 12-14, 2024 -Fall Garage Sale